can someone help me with the `ignoreChanges` path ...
# general
can someone help me with the
path - if there is documentation on this somewhere I’m having trouble finding it, this is the best I’ve found so far:
my code, I’d like to not update the index writeCapacity if it’s been adjusted by autoscaling
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// groups
var regional_groups_table_name = `${company}-${env}-groups`;
var regional_groups_table = new aws.dynamodb.Table(regional_groups_table_name, {
    name: regional_groups_table_name,
    hashKey: 'id',
    streamEnabled: true,
    streamViewType: 'NEW_AND_OLD_IMAGES',
    readCapacity: 1,
    writeCapacity: 1,
        name: 'id',
        type: 'S'
        name: 'name',
        type: 'S'
        name: `${regional_groups_table_name}-gsi-name`,
        hashKey: 'name',
        projectionType: 'KEYS_ONLY',
        readCapacity: 1,
        writeCapacity: 1
    ignoreChanges: [
doesn’t seem to be working, however, it’s attempting to adjust the capacity which has been autoscaled up to 10
ah, k looks like this works:
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ignoreChanges: [
appears I have to do one for each though, haven’t been able to wildcard or apply to all
(some tables have > 1 index)