I’m using the Azure provider with a `ServicePrinci...
# general
I’m using the Azure provider with a
authentication instead of the default CLI one. Now in one case the
I used had too few permissions to create `RoleAssignment`s. I now observe some inconsistencies between the pulumi state and what was created in the Azure subscription. Pulumi thinks everything but the `RoleAssignment`s has been created. With the corresponding permissions added to the
this now leads to the issue that the
cannot be created as the desired
(not the login one) I want to assign the role doesn’t exist. This looks like a bug to me because Pulumi should not store resources (e.g. the
I wanted to create) if this was not successfully persisted at the provider level. Is there a way I can support debugging that case? I already did a
pulumi refresh
which showed some resources as
but the case should be reproducible.
This project basically just sets up an Azure Container Registry, an App Registration, the Service Principal (plus password) and then failed on the RoleAssignment.
Anyone up for some comments on this one? For my personal case this thing is fixed by refreshing state and executing again with the correct permissions, but I assume this should fail differently. I’d like to support in this case but need to understand if there was a mistake / misunderstanding on my side or if this really should not happen like that.
Pulumi setup: using azure provider with a service principal that lacks the permission to perform `RoleAssignment`s (it was contributor only).
Pulumi program: creating an
, some other resource, here a
. Trying to create a
for the ServicePrincipal results in an error, I was not able to find any resources on Azure, but the pulumi state had most of them listed.
So I’m wondering why the resources are listed in the state but don’t exist in Azure.