Hi, First of all, this is a great tool. I am just ...
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Hi, First of all, this is a great tool. I am just trying to setup a small Infrastructure using Google Cloud and GKE in Typescript. I am trying to save the state in google cloud storage instead of my local machine. In the Setup documentation, it mentions about using google Service Account. I have setup a Google Service Account to be used with pulumi. I downloaded the credentials for this account and exported to the $GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS environment variable. When I try to login to the clould-url (i.e. ```pulumi login --cloud-url gcr.io/xxx/yyy```), it asks me for access token. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need access_token from google to save my state to google cloud? thanks
maybe pulumi
login --cloud-url <gs://pulumi-test-bucket>
and I think you need to export both
@better-actor-92669 thank you. Yes I was being an idiot not realizing i am trying the container registry url. Yes, you are correct, need GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS as per the following git issue: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2790.
@stale-park-1622 I am glad that you were able to resolve your issue