hello, does someone know how I can become `ADMIN` ...
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hello, does someone know how I can become
of an organisation I'm currently a
of? the existing administrator can't find a way to change my role. I'm already an owner of the associated GitHub organisation
They change it on the People tab in pulumi
Your permissions on GitHub are not related to that of Pulumi’s
Hi! What @cool-egg-852 wrote is correct for the 80% case. However, it’s possible you are on an organization that is billed per-stack instead of per-member. (This was the billing model Pulumi had before ~3/19, so any organization created before that would be on the per-stack plan.) For organizations that are billed per-stack, Pulumi doesn’t track organization membership and instead defers that entirely to GitHub. So if you are an admin on the GitHub organization, you are an admin of the Pulumi organization. Again, that only applies to organizations that are billed per-stack. For organizations created recently that are billed per-member, you can promote/demote organization admins from within the People tab. Sorry for the confusion, as we only document the organization membership rules for per-member orgs. (As that’s the majority and default.) @sparse-cpu-53654 if for some reason it doesn’t make sense to or you cannot become an admin of your backing GitHub organization, please send me a DM. It’s possible that we can make you an org admin. Also, if you are interested in switching to the per-member plan (which depending on how many stacks you are using, might be less expensive too), I can help you make that change as well.
Thanks for the info Chris. If I answer the question for anyone else I’ll make sure to link/share this info.
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