How do I set the GitHub repo url in projects/stack...
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How do I set the GitHub repo url in projects/stacks? Some of my projects have it set and others don't. I sincerely can't find anything in the docs... thx
This isn’t something you can configure, but rather we infer it based on the metadata available when the stack(s) were last updated. Specifically, when the stack is updated we check if it is inside of a git repo, aid if the origin matches something well-known like a prototypical GitHub repo, then we put in the link. (If you find this helpful, we can certainly tweak the feature here and/or improve it. So your feedback would be useful.) If you DM me the specific stack that isn’t showing any data (e.g.
), I can look into perhaps explaining why it isn’t in that case. (The most common situation is for a newly created stack which has never been updated.)
Thanks for response. (Sorry, missed because travelling. ) Yes we definitely find it useful, people go to the pulimi page and it's a nice link back to the repo from where the stack is managed.. I'll see if can share a stack with you where it is working and where it is not.