I’m using pulumi to manage gke cluster but everyti...
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I’m using pulumi to manage gke cluster but everytime I’m doing a
pulumi up
it replaces all my nodepools (although nothing changed). The diff says
. Any way to find out what the diff is?
I found a bug (https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-gcp/issues/164) about labels, but my labels haven’t changed
the code looks like this
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config.nodePools.forEach(nodePool => {
            // create nodepool config
            let nodeConfig: NodeConfig = {
                machineType: nodePool.nodeMachineType,
                metadata: {
                    "disable-legacy-endpoints": "true",
                oauthScopes: [
                labels: {
                    "nodePoolName": nodePool.name
Can you grab an output of the diff before it replaces?
it seems to be this one:
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+-gcp:container/nodePool:NodePool: (replace)
          ~ nodeConfig: {
              - workloadMetadataConfig: {
                  - nodeMetadata: "GKE_METADATA_SERVER"
for the record, after adding the workloadMetadaConfig to the code it worked