AWS suggests that you create alarms for EC2 instan...
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AWS suggests that you create alarms for EC2 instances which recover/reboot the instance if the status checks fail. This is easy to create through the AWS console, but having some trouble with Pulumi
const bastionSystemStatus = awsx.ec2.metrics.statusCheckFailed_System({ instance: bastion }); bastionSystemStatus.createAlarm(“bastion-sys-failed”, { threshold: 1, evaluationPeriods: 2, alarmActions: [/* recover instance */] });
I’m not sure what to define for alarmActions to cause a “recovery” to happen.
I’ll let everyone know if that works
That worked!
arnawsautomateregionec2:stop | arnawsautomateregionec2:terminate | arnawsautomateregionec2:recover | arnawsautomateregionec2:reboot