just upgraded to pulumi 1.2 now getting errors on ...
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just upgraded to pulumi 1.2 now getting errors on
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  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (api-ecs-services-us-east-2-dev-auth):
    error: Running program '/data/pulumi/infra/aws/api/api-ecs-services' failed with an unhandled exception:                                                                                                                      
    AssertionError: Assertion failed
        at new goog.asserts.AssertionError (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:79:876)
        at Object.goog.asserts.doAssertFailure_ (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:80:257)
        at Object.goog.asserts.assert [as assert] (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:81:83)
        at jspb.BinaryEncoder.writeDouble (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:329:67)
        at jspb.BinaryWriter.writeDouble (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:351:300)
        at proto.google.protobuf.Value.serializeBinaryToWriter (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google/protobuf/struct_pb.js:383:12)                                                                                                  
        at jspb.BinaryWriter.writeMessage (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:353:336)
        at jspb.Map.serializeBinary (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:274:356)
        at proto.google.protobuf.Struct.serializeBinaryToWriter (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google/protobuf/struct_pb.js:189:7)                                                                                                  
        at jspb.BinaryWriter.writeMessage (/data/pulumi/node_modules/google-protobuf/google-protobuf.js:353:336)
reverted to 1.1, same issue.. but just cropped up - not sure what deal is here, error msg not helpful, any ideas folks ?
I tried a fresh install and can't reproduce myself. You could try backing up you `package-lock.json`and re-installing dependencies to see if you ended up with some bad combination of dependencies in your lock file somehow?
yea i have refreshed them a couple times, i posted to the git issue also
i’ll try again in morning to see if maybe someone updated a dependency.. i havent been committing package-lock.json
the issue cropped up today when I bumped from 1.1 to 1.2 pulumi, which caused me to refresh all dependencies.. since then both 1.2 and reverting back to 1.1 are having trouble
so, yea does seem likely could be related to a dependency error being introduced
ah - found it, i was passing in an undefined var into the ECS params somewhere.. that apparently caused the error, but obviously is very hard to know that. I updated the github issue with my findings but left it open in case you wish to improve the error/error handling