Hey Pulumers! Is there a way to see the git detail...
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Hey Pulumers! Is there a way to see the git details that you’re logged into via the cli? When logging into Pulumi console, I log in with my github creds, that being said, I see the latest branch hash in the console, I was curious if there’s a way to see that from my local machine via
pulumi stack...
There is not a CLI gesture to do it now, nor is there an easy way to see it in the website either. But if you are curious, let me dig up the
command you can run to see all the data that pulled from the environment when you run a preview or update.
cool thx
i think the
tab on the website would be a cool feature to be able to view via
pulumi stack activity
or some flag… at least the last activity.
Sorry for the delay, we’ll surface this information in the UI somewhere. But here’s the command you can run in the mean time. (Piping the results to
for clearer rendering.)
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# Substitute out chrsmith/.../dev for your own stack.
curl \
    -H "Authorization: token ${PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN}"  \
    <https://api.pulumi.com/api/stacks/chrsmith/aws-access-key-rotator/dev/updates/14?output-type=service> | jq
oh this looks rad, trying.
@colossal-beach-47527 does the
stay in there as well, or take that out too?
So the “14” is the update version. So the next time you update the stack, it would be 15, 16, etc. If you always want the latest, just replace “14" with “latest”.
for the
-H "Authorization: token ...
, does that
need to be there, or just
parse error: Invalid numeric literal at line 1, column 10
, I’ll keep working on this, but i totally appreciate it @colossal-beach-47527
Oh, just noticed your url has
, mine is
👍🏽 1
ah ha! got thx so much