We've got multiple people working on stacks in the...
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We've got multiple people working on stacks in the same sandbox. As a result, sometimes resources get messed with/deleted manually while we build out process. But a
pulumi destroy
blows up when resources aren't present to delete. Is there/could there be, a
flag that will ignore resources that aren't present?
Have you tried running
pulumi refresh
Yes, it fails all over the place so I end up exporting the stack, deleting ALL resources, and re-importing. Then I delete the underlying EKS cluster and start building it up from scratch.
If I do a
pulumi destroy
, it shouldn't fail on missing resources, I want them gone, so if they're gone already, bonus.
Just give me a notice at the end, 'these resources weren't there to delete', 'these resources couldn't be verified as deleted since the connecting resources were missing'
@incalculable-engineer-92975 could you please file an issue here? The “warning: went to delete resource, but wasn’t found” seems like a reasonable thing to do for the
pulumi destroy
case. Though ideally a
pulumi refresh
followed by
pulumi destroy
should “just work”. So if you could elaborate on “it fails all over the place”, that would be good too. Since if there are problems with that approach we definitely should look into it and fix them as possible.
This has come up several times - and I thought we had an issue but wasn't able to find it either of the last two times it's been raise. I opened https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/3304 to track. That said - it would be useful to have details on your usecase about what failures you see when you
(though in general, I can definitely imagine this not working fully if there are fundamental things broken in your stack due to interference outside of Pulumi).