<@U83S3MLQ0> Since I just saw your comment on the ...
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@colossal-beach-47527 Since I just saw your comment on the yarn/npm thing (I already replied), do you guys plan to port this logic over to other stuff such as the policy packs?
If it’s not ok to bring this up here, let me know. I figured it be ok given the announcement.
I don’t believe we want the
command-line client to do too much “magic” behind the scenes with regard to running
npm install
yarn install
, etc. Since there are plenty of corner cases we’d probably have trouble getting right. (e.g. if you are using a custom package manager.) So I think we’d want to leave “gathering runtime dependencies” to whatever script or CI/CD environment you are using to execute
. (So that then you can confirm you have the right setup.) But what I think we can/should/will do is make sure that we do have a good escape hatch so you can tie custom steps into the scripts or containers that we publish. For example, the
for the
Docker container (like in your PR). Or supporting a generic
if [ -f pulumi-pre-update.sh ]
or something. Make sense? This is a problem we want to make sure gets solved, but it probably makes more sense to solve it upstream.
It already runs
npm install
though (hardcoded).
Hi @cool-egg-852! We do have an open issue to fix this for the policy packs! If you any input/suggestions, feel free to DM me and we can discuss more.
Sounds good, thanks.