Is pulumi down? I'm getting tons of weird errors w...
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Is pulumi down? I'm getting tons of weird errors when following the quickstart guide
PS D:\Code\pulumi-quickstart> pulumi new azure-typescript -v=3 error: downloading template 'azure-typescript' from failed to download template: [404] 404 page not found
PS D:\Code\pulumi-quickstart> pulumi new Please choose a template: typescript This command will walk you through creating a new Pulumi project. Enter a value or leave blank to accept the default, and press <ENTER>. Press ^C at any time to quit. project name: (pulumi-quickstart) project description: Created project 'pulumi-quickstart'. stack name: (pulumi-quickstart-dev) Sorry, could not create stack 'pulumi-quickstart-dev': could not create stack: [404] 404 page not found.
PS D:\Code\pulumi-quickstart> pulumi preview error: could not query backend for stacks: unmarshalling response object: json: cannot unmarshal object into Go value of type []apitype.Stack
I'm on Windows running Pulumi v0.14.0
I believe you need to upgrade your CLI
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powershell -NoProfile -InputFormat None -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Command "iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('<>'))"
current version is 1.3.1
Yes, @flaky-continent-74538, the errors you are seeing is because your CLI is out of date. (We actually have warnings and better error messages for this sort of thing, but all of that landed after v0.14.0.) Do you recall which quickstart guide you were following? Did you download that Pulumi CLI recently? Or did you happen to install
early last year, and are only now trying it out?
Ah, thanks everyone! I assumed that I had the latest version of pulumi as I had run the installation script linked by @swift-painter-31084 before running any of the commands. I suppose that installation script failed to update Pulumi.
Maybe this is already done, but maybe Pulumi should warn if you use a really old version of the CLI?