Is anyone using `pulumi login` with s3? Need some ...
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Is anyone using
pulumi login
with s3? Need some help.
I ran
pulumi login <s3://bucket-name>
. Logged in successfully. But when I tried to create new project using
pulumi new aws-python -y
it gives me IO error:
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error: could not create stack: An IO error occurred during the current operation: blob (code=Unknown): AccessDenied: Access Denied
	status code: 403,
Do you have permissions to write to the bucket via the default credentials configured for the aws sdk?
Yes I do. We used to upload multiple files in the same bucket.
i dont use
pulumi login
when using s3 now that you can configure the bucket location in your
aside from not being able to set the bucket region in the yaml file, it works very well
I found the root cause of access denied. We have requirement in our org to pass encryption while uploading objects to s3. I just tried creating new bucket which does not require encryption and pulumi login worked for that bucket. can I pass
while running
pulumi login <s3://bucketname>
support should probably be added along with region and maybe some other options? like was done in
i was hoping it would be an easy thing to change but the configuration is passed around as a url string in a few places, so providing more metadata isn’t possible without a larger refactoring.
yeah. I don't know if they have this in their backlog items or not.
@white-balloon-205: Any ETA on planning to support passing sever-side-encryption for s3 pulumi login?