Terraform has input variables. That allows user in...
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Terraform has input variables. That allows user inputs value when run commands. Is there similar solution for Pulumi?
Config in pulumi is not really the same as terraform input variables. In Terraform, I can pass value for a variable from command line without set the value in code:
terraform apply -var="image_id=ami-abc123"
. And if a variable is not yet set, terraform asks for input value interactively in console (see https://learn.hashicorp.com/terraform/getting-started/variables.html#ui-input). That's a powerful feature.
I see. What’s the use-case for it? Normally you declare all parameters in code, at best. If it’s a secret, then you’ll use a
with type secret.
@handsome-xylophone-18806 You can pass config values with the
--config stringArray
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The behavior of --config stringArray is to save value to Pulumi.<stack>.yaml file. It mean only the shortcut to pulumi config set command. That is not so useful in case you want ad-hoc value. The value in Pulumi.<stack>.yaml should be considered as default value. The value if provided in command line should be used at runtime and shouldn't be saved to the yaml file.
@handsome-xylophone-18806 I think it would help the Pulumi developers when you explain your use-case/the purpose/why you need ad-hoc values.