I am trying to "adopt" an aks cluster, but I canno...
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I am trying to "adopt" an aks cluster, but I cannot seem to match the "servicePrincipal" secret. Is there a secret to this?
If there is a single property you can’t match, you can use
on that property to allow the adoption to proceed (which will then also avoid trying to replace the cluster after you adopt it). That said - what exactly is the resource/property that causes the problem here?
the property is the clientSecret. I tried every version of a secret, from configuration to even hardcoded value. Nothing will match. So then it tries to update the secret, which fails. I will try to ignore it. ~ servicePrincipal: { + clientSecret: "[secret]" }
ignoring seems to have worked. thx! { ignoreChanges: [servicePrincipal], import: <clusterid> }