Hello! So when looking at a stack in the UI I can ...
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Hello! So when looking at a stack in the UI I can drill into the details of a single resource. Is there a way to do that in the CLI as well?
There is
pulumi stack
and some flags to that to get more information. But not currently a full way to drill down into resources. We’ve actually been experimenting with a CLI-based resource explorer recently though. Curious - whats driving you to want to do this via CLI vs web? Is it for scripting? Or just a preference for staying in the CLI UX? What key information are you looking for - property value, links to cloud consoles, something else?
Looking to easily validate targets before running commands. Looks like we found a workaround with
pulumi stack export | jq '.deployment.resources[] | select(.urn|endswith("{instance name}")) | .outputs.tags.Name'
Just an easy way to make sure you are looking at the right resource in a stack 🙂
Ahh - got it - yes -
pulumi stack export
is good here.