Have there been any changes to secrets in 1.4.0? I...
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Have there been any changes to secrets in 1.4.0? I've started getting fails on CI without any other changes, the same stacks / state work fine locally.
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error: decrypting secret value: failed to decrypt: incorrect passphrase, please set PULUMI_CONFIG_PASSPHRASE to the correct passphrase
It's set correctly... the only slightly unusual thing is it contains lots of weird characters like $?`>[]' etc and ends in a semi-colon but this hasn't changed, only the pulumi version.
I am not aware of any changes here in 1.4. Do things work as you expect with earlier versions? Does this fail reliably on 1.4?
i've been experimenting and can't pin it down at all - 1.4.0 works ok on local windows with no other changes, our CI fails every time since we updated to 1.4.0 but only for one particular stack! i've done the updates locally now so not blocking... i'm about to finish for the weekend and our devops guy is back monday so if i'm still having issues after we do some experimentation i'll do a bug report.