Hi everyone, Im looking at <app.pulumi.com> and lo...
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Hi everyone, Im looking at app.pulumi.com and looks like pricing is related to amount of stacks. In this case if I do prefer “high granularity”(it has a lot of benefits) of stacks, app.pulumi.com becomes really pricy. What’s you opinion in this matter guys?
Team and Enterprise pricing is actually based on number of users. See https://www.pulumi.com/pricing/. This was a change earlier this year (from an earlier per-stack pricing model) largely motivated by feedback similar to yours above! So you should no longer need to worry about granularity of stacks from a pricing perspective - you can draw these lines between stacks wherever makes sense for you architecture and internal versioning boundaries.
Hey Robert -- We have switched to per user pricing and I'd be happy to walk you through our options. I'll reach out in a private channel to discuss further.