Hi, pulumi hangs forever when I create Amazon Auro...
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Hi, pulumi hangs forever when I create Amazon Aurora like below.
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const aurora = new aws.rds.Cluster(util.name("aurora"), {
    engine: aws.rds.AuroraMysqlEngine,
    engineVersion: "5.7.mysql_aurora.2.06.0",
    dbSubnetGroupName: "rds-subgrp",
    masterUsername: stack.config.requireSecret("aurora_user"),
    masterPassword: stack.config.requireSecret("aurora_password"),
console output (hanging here):
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    + 1 to create
    62 unchanged

Updating (dev):

     Type                 Name                     Status         Info
     pulumi:pulumi:Stack  intelligence-dev         running...     read aws:autoscaling:Group asg-api-intelligence
 +   └─ aws:rds:Cluster   aurora-intelligence-dev  creating...
my pulumi version: 1.5.1 my node version: 12.13.0 Any idea?
all node versions below also cause hanging • 12.12.0 • 12.8.0 • 10.17.0 • 10.16.0
ah my bad
this hang caused by wrong Aurora’s engineVersion. I got success immediately after changing engineVersion to
. 2.06.0 hasn’t come yet. Pulumi works fine.
What version of the pulumi aws package are you using? Pulumi shouldn't hang in this case. I just tried this with the invalid version and I get an immediate error.
Also, what AWS region are you deploying to?