Has anyone had any success integrating Pulumi with...
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Has anyone had any success integrating Pulumi with the Serverless Framework ? I think these two would be very powerful together but I don't know exactly how to integrate them. Ideally, Pulumi should do the heavy lifting while Serverless does the packaging of FaaS and the WSGI for web frameworks
Why not use Pulumi for both?
Mostly by lack of examples and boilerplate I guess... For instance if I wanted to make a serverless Django website (Python), I know I could theoretically use Pulumi to deploy API Gateway + Lambda... but that's only part of the solution • What about packaging software dependencies (
in Python) ? • What about mapping API Gateway event into the Django WSGI ? • Same question for AWS Application Load Balancer events (which are different from API Gateway) ? And that's just with Django... now same thing with PHP Symfony, Ruby on rails, etc. Also, most serverless frameworks (Zappa, Serverless, Chalice, etc.) version the infrastructure configuration within the web server repository (e.g. the
is usually at the root of the web repo) Does that still apply for Pulumi ?
Does that still apply for Pulumi?
Yes, it can and this is typical practice, although because Pulumi is itself also expressed as a program, and can have its own set of dependencies, it’s often preferable to put the Pulumi program and its configuration in a folder alongside your application (eg, one called “infrastructure”). But yes it’s common to version Pulumi code and application code in the same repository.
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