has anyone ever seen a Teraform error from Pulumi?...
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has anyone ever seen a Teraform error from Pulumi? error in thread
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error: Plan apply failed: [WARN] A duplicate Security Group rule was found on (sg-0571a6852d695a7d5). This may be
    a side effect of a now-fixed Terraform issue causing two security groups with
    identical attributes but different source_security_group_ids to overwrite each
    other in the state. See <https://github.com/hashicorp/terraform/pull/2376> for more
    information and instructions for recovery. Error message: the specified rule "peer:, ALL, ALLOW" already exists
this is from a pulumi up
Some of the Pulumi providers wrap the corresponding Terraform provider (AWS is one such provider). The TF provider in this case is only used for Create, Read, Update, Delete operations for the specific resources.
makes sense. thanks for the info!