I've been trying pulumi (C#) to deploy to Azure, r...
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I've been trying pulumi (C#) to deploy to Azure, really easy to get going and it's been a pleasure so far. Microsofts recently released Azure functions premium plan (4:th of november), to my surprise I was able to create the resource in pulumi right away(!), but i'm missing one important property in the PlanArgs, MaximumElasticWorkerCount, i'm guessing it should go in the properties section? This is really "icing on the cake" considering that it's been newly released and all, but would appreciate an indication on when it can be available.
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Kind = "Elastic",
				Sku = new PlanSkuArgs
					Tier = "ElasticPremium",
					Size = "EP1",
					Capacity = 1
				//properties for "maximumElasticWorkerCount": 2 doesn't exist yet
This is derived from the terraform template.
Terraform provider for azurerm has not updated FunctionApp if that’s what you’re using vs the AppService Plan.
Hey @delightful-dawn-43855 great to hear about your positive experience. I think the property is there: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-azure/blob/20427a392004c0a1fff5b2ebc8c314bffe85a686/sdk/dotnet/Appservice/Plan.cs#L160
Not sure why you had troubles using it?
@tall-carpet-41250 this property in on the plan, not on the function app itself
@tall-librarian-49374 I believe the Appservice plan is only for the dedicated plan and what @delightful-dawn-43855 is referencing is the Functionapp Premium Plan. Unless I’m mistaken. 🙂
App Service Plan is many things depending on its properties
App Service, or Consumption, or Premium
I don’t see that shape in the terraform resource.
sku { tier = “ElasticPremium” size = “EP1" }
Had to dig it out of the test cases.
@tall-librarian-49374 🙇 This has been informative.
yes, that's the one
I thought we had an example but I can't find it
I think I'll add it
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thanks for all the feedback, I see it now. I generated ARM-templates from the azure portal and had those side by side, realized now that I was looking for it inside the "properties" section, where it were in the ARM-template... thanks guys!
ARM doesn't match TF/Pulumi one-on-one
Yep, I know that now! 🙂 Thanks for all the help, keep up the good work! Should give some cred till @broad-dog-22463 as well, he inspired me (and some co-workers) to start with pulumi after he did a short talk at Activesolution:s office two months ago, that was really useful!
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