I have somehow gotten into a situation where Pulum...
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I have somehow gotten into a situation where Pulumi thinks it needs to delete a launch configuration but can't.
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error: Plan apply failed: deleting urn:pulumi:dev::vm-scaler::eks:index:Cluster$eks:index:NodeGroup$aws:ec2/launchConfiguration:LaunchConfiguration::k8s-dev-ng-nodeLaunchConfiguration: error deleting Autoscaling Launch Configuration (k8s-dev-ng-nodeLaunchConfiguration-b5215a6): ResourceInUse: Cannot delete launch configuration k8s-dev-ng-nodeLaunchConfiguration-b5215a6 because it is attached to AutoScalingGroup k8s-dev-ng-e37cdc2e-NodeGroup-6186KPAWLIPL
    	status code: 400, request id: 1a10ee34-0cc1-11ea-afde-8d216d809694
This occurred after a
pulumi up
failed with this error:
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error: Plan apply failed: 1 error occurred:
    	* updating urn:pulumi:dev::vm-scaler::eks:index:Cluster$eks:index:NodeGroup$aws:cloudformation/stack:Stack::k8s-dev-ng-nodes: UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE: ["MinInstancesInService must be less than the autoscaling group's MaxSize"]
Is there a way to get myself unstuck from this? Every
pulumi up
now fails with the former error.