Anyone already deployed linkerd with pulumi? I gue...
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Anyone already deployed linkerd with pulumi? I guess, currently, the only way is to use the helm charts - from github issue ( I understand, there is no possibility yet to run (shell) commands within pulumi. Using the helm chart also involves some command line work, since you need to setup the certificates used by linkerd by yourself ( What's the suggested way to do this right now? Write a shell script that runs the commands and pulumi - this is the only thing that comes to my mind right now. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
in the past I've had to write an "orchestrator" type interface that would do multiple steps. Sometimes that might be AWS calls with boto, then some shell calls, and finally pulumi calls. I've done it with python.. using things like subprocess for shell (which would run pulumi also), the click package for the command line interfacing etc
@curved-doctor-83600 linkerd uses helm under the covers, so you can do (IIRC)
linkerd install > linkerd.yaml
and then simply include that in a pulumi project using
to instantiate it.
I did it by pre-creating each certificate and referencing it as a Pulumi secret.
Thank you all for your replies. I'll try @creamy-potato-29402’s suggestion first. Will report back with my experiences.
Went with @creamy-potato-29402’s suggestion and works good so far. Still need to verify behavior during upgrades etc. but right now it works.