Hi all, I moved around the local directory in whic...
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Hi all, I moved around the local directory in which our pulumi stack was configured, and this has somehow messed up the state management, despite us using a remote stack backend in a Google Cloud Storage bucket. Running any pulumi command now gives the error
Could not get signed url for stack location
. Pulumi version installed on my mac is v1.6.1 Has anybody encountered such an error before or could give pointers towards recovering from this error? I'm willing to download the state file from the storage bucket and restore the state manually, but can't find any clear directions on how to do so, thanks.
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pulumi login --cloud-url <gs://xxx-yyy-zzz>
Logged into Agrim-Macbook-Pro.local as agrim (<gs://xxx-yyy-zzz>)

pulumi refresh
Enter your passphrase to unlock config/secrets
    (set PULUMI_CONFIG_PASSPHRASE to remember):
Previewing refresh (experiments):


Do you want to perform this refresh?
No resources will be modified as part of this refresh; just your stack's state will be. yes
Refreshing (experiments):

error: Could not get signed url for stack location: blob (key ".pulumi/stacks/experiments.json") (code=Unknown): to use SignedURL, you must call OpenBucket with a valid Options.GoogleAccessID and exactly one of Options.PrivateKey or Options.SignBytes
Does the file referenced in that error exist in your gcs bucket?
Yes, it does. I just updated the other thread about importing from the bucket.
I'm still seeing this error (after restoring state locally) so I think this might be a separate issue opened before https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2791
Got it - yes - that does appear to be the same issue - will make sure that gets prioritized.