Yes - `get_caller_identity` is the answer to how t...
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Yes -
is the answer to how to dynamically get the AWS account id. @broad-finland-69602 what question do you have on how to integrate that? You should just be able to call the function.
calling the function returns an AwaitableGetCallerIdentityResult. the question is to how to either parse that into a
or a pulumi Output would also be usable I guess. am I missing something asyncio related? maybe an example would help
<- for example getting my account in in there instead of 123456789
This function returns its result synchronously - do you can just access the outputs directly on the result of the call. (The result is also an awaitables for backward compatibility - but you should not have to rely on that for new code).
you are right, assigning
to a variable and just using that works. thank you!