I am afraid I am using `additionalSecretOutputs` i...
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I am afraid I am using
incorrectly, although I could have sworn this used to work:
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let pw = new random.RandomString("test-password", {
    length: 8,
    special: false,
    additionalSecretOutputs: ["result", "id"]

let param = new aws.ssm.Parameter("test-password", {
    length: 8,
    value: pw.result,
    type: "SecureString"
Expectation: The value of the RandomString and SSM parameter are not visible in plaintext in the stack state and web console. Actual: The plaintext is visible in the stack state and web console.
And, as usual, as soon as I post a question, I see the answer.
is an option, not a property 🙂
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Note that you may also want to use
instead. It is the same as random string, but doesn’t expose the generated string in the id.
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