Hi, now i stack with a problem, when the simple pu...
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Hi, now i stack with a problem, when the simple pulumi stack command take a lot of time
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time pulumi --logtostderr -v=9 stack
I1203 22:28:22.700826   89424 backend.go:408] found username for access token
I1203 22:29:03.110095   89424 backend.go:408] found username for access token
Current stack is stage:
    Owner: project_iac
    Last updated: 7 hours ago (2019-12-03 15:03:51.875385 +0200 EET)
    Pulumi version: v1.6.1
Current stack resources (123):
Current stack outputs (7):
real	0m40.506s
user	0m0.289s
sys	0m0.093s
the others commands like pulumi up slow as well how can i debug what is the reason of the huge slow down ?
i tried to search soource of problem and when i did
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sudo tcpdump -i en0 "dst || dst"
see many request to remote host during pulumi stack command runnig then search info how to trace pulumi https://www.pulumi.com/docs/troubleshooting/ and found this:
it generates 193 requests to api
Could you please file an issue on github.com/pulumi/pulumi? It would be useful to know the general shape of your Pulumi program’s configuration and resources. (i.e. what would cause those decryptValue calls in the first place.) We have some optimizations in place to avoid redundant calls to decrypt values, but it could be that you are hitting some codepath that isn’t using cached/memoized values. /cc @microscopic-florist-22719
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thx you for the advice, seams i get the source of the problem. This is production ready env that contains many k8s.apps.v1.Deployment that spec became secrets coz its use k8s.core.v1.Secret as input for .envFrom.secretRef also i have k8s.core.v1.Service that also became secrets coz its use deployment.spec.template.metadata.labels as input for selector even all k8s.networking.v1beta1.Ingress became secret coz its use service.metadata.name as input for serviceName
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@colossal-beach-47527 i’ll try to test and collect more information and then I’ll create an issues.
finnaly i found the true source or the problem
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secret           : {
        apiVersion: "v1"
        data      : "[secret]"
        id        : "default/backend-api-secrets-ahdxt3ym"
        kind      : "Secret"
        metadata  : "[secret]"
        stringData: "[secret]"
        type      : "Opaque"
        urn       : "urn:pulumi:stage::project-aws-eks::k8s:app:backend$kubernetes:core/v1:Secret::backend-api-secrets"
metadata of the k8s.core.v1.Secret became secret I use it for the creating service account with providing registry secret with secret.metadata.name but it’s encrypted and my service account became encrypted as well and then I use sa.metadata.name for my deployment and its also became encrypted all my k8s resources became encrypted 😄. i found workaround with:
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secret.id.apply(v => v.replace(/^[^\/]+\//,''))
It’s not a good solution at all. I think not all metadata in secrets must be encrypted -> name at least
now pulumi stack run done in ~10 sec