Is there a way to modifiy `imported` Ressources? ...
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Is there a way to modifiy
Ressources? When I try to, it ends up looking like the screenshot and it's driving me nuts
Import the resource first and then make the modification in a new step
Hello @broad-dog-22463, thank you very much for the answer. I am sorry for answering so late, but grateful that you took the time to help me. Can this new step happen in the same
pulumi up
command? Or do I have to 1.) Include the import option 2.) pulumi up 3.) remove the import option and modify ressource 4.) pulumi up again
It’s that flow of 4 steps I’m afraid - without that flow, Pulumi isn’t actually sure you are meaning to make the changes to the imported resource
Think of it as a safety measure that Pulumi doesn’t destroy your resource while you are importing it
This will be very helpful. Thank you for sharing these insights 🙂