Can someone explain the following warning when run...
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Can someone explain the following warning when running `pulumi stack ls -a -j`:
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warning: 194 stacks were omitted from the results.
Cc @colossal-beach-47527 who may know the answer to this.
It isn’t anything to be worried about. When you run
pulumi stack ls
we cap the results at 300 stacks returned. So if you are in an organization with many stacks you might need to narrow down your search by adding a project filter (
), which should be inferred by the
file in the current directory. If you really want all the stacks, and don’t mind if the request takes a long while to serve, you can hit our REST API directly using something like:
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curl \
    -H "Authorization: token ${PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN}" \
(And you can specify other filters by passing
, or
URL query parameters.
@colossal-beach-47527 Thanks for the detailed answer. The API call helps a lot!! I would recommend adding the 300 Max to the documentation so users will not rely on it (as we did) with their automation tools.
Another question, if i use a tag filter with the CLI will it still hide results? Cause i still see the warning. Where as if i use the project filter i don't
I opened to track improving this. @best-waiter-16927 Feel free to add other notes there as well.