Now should this be automatic? Because the roles ar...
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Now should this be automatic? Because the roles are attached to the pod/worker node there is no aws_credentials etc. so this would mean that Pulumi will not be able to view the ./aws/ folder for configs
not 100% sure if this is what you want. But we explicitly state what gets what provider in aws using
here is an example that should help. They actually get the roleArn from a different stack which you may or may not need.
essentially make a provider, pass it to things that you want to have explicitly use that provider
also you don't have to have a
file you can simply export
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export AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=blahblah
export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=alsdfalsdf
thanks @astonishing-cartoon-37000 So the mandate was no Access Key or Secret Key. To just use the role provided by the Service Account. I will look into the examples you gave thanks 🙂