I’ve declared a docker image like: ```const appIma...
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I’ve declared a docker image like:
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const appImage = new docker.Image("ledgerImage", {
    imageName: '<http://us.gcr.io/qwil-build/ledger|us.gcr.io/qwil-build/ledger>',
    build: "../../",
When I run
pulumi preview
and look at the output in app.pulumi.com I see the line
Successfully pushed to docker
in the Diagnostic Log view. Where did pulumi push this image? When I visit my companies gcr registry I don’t see any new images - the latest image that was uploaded is from 2 days ago.
I think it's your local Docker by default
@tall-librarian-49374 ah got it. I guess I need to configure my gcr registry with the image here.