Hrm, I recently added a FargateTaskDefinition into...
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Hrm, I recently added a FargateTaskDefinition into my pulumi project... it works great, but it means now that every time I
pulumi up
it builds the image and pushes it to the container registry, even if there were no changes. This takes a fair bit of time, and requires that I have Docker running even if I'm not actively doing any Docker work. Anyone know of a way to have it only do the docker work if changes were actually made to the docker files?
Hi Joe, I’m sorry about this - there is an open issue about this in our repo
Let me find it for you and you can tell me if it’s the same
@nice-cat-91582 curious - is the performance concern in CI or in a local environment? You should see generally good caching from Docker locally, and the push should generally be a noop if there aren’t actual changes. There are also cacheFrom features on the current Docker Image API to help with using a shared image layer cache to reduce rebuilds in CI and other transient environments. That said - we do still expect to generally overhaul this component to be able to more intelligently detect when changes are made that require rebuild.
@white-balloon-205 it's in local. None of the operations are particularly slow, but there seems to be many steps spinning through my CLI output from the docker stuff.
and it happens twice - once for preview and one for the actual deploy
and on local this happens a lot, depending on the day. This morning I was fighting with some simple IAM stuff, which ended up meaning pushing a dozen times and testing what was broken each time. Doing the docker dance for each small IAM test is a pain.
@broad-dog-22463 I don't think my issue is the same. Let me get try to get a visual of what I'm seeing
well, now my
pulumi up
is just running incredibly slow for some reason, so I can't get a good GIF. I'll try to figure that out later today