Hey everyone, I'm facing a weird issue were I'm c...
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Hey everyone, I'm facing a weird issue were I'm consistently getting a duplicate resource error for any resource I try to create e.g
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const vpcName = `unique-vpc-2334`;
  const vpcArgs = {
    cidrBlock: projectCidrBlock,
    enableDnsHostnames: true,
    enableDnsSupport: true,
    tags: {
      Name: vpcName,
  const vpc = new aws.ec2.Vpc(
It doesn't matter what I change the name to I always end up getting the same error.
error: Duplicate resource URN 'urn:pulumi:ned-pulumi::ned-pulumi::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc::unique-vpc-2334'; try giving it a unique name
I've also tried changing the provider, deleting and recreating the stack with a new name. I have a feeling that it may be caching values/running twice with the same values. Let me know if anyone has resolved this issue, thanks
Is that your full code? Is it possible you're including that bit of code multiple times in your project via a
Ah yep tunnel vision my bad. It was being called twice externally. It just threw me when I didn't see it coming up twice in the console
Thanks for that!
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