HELP! It seems that changing aws:rds:SubnetGroup d...
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HELP! It seems that changing awsrdsSubnetGroup description (!!!) is causing an awsrdsClusterInstace replacement. This is insane! We tried different pulumi/aws versions: 1.7.0 - 1.14.0 - happens on all of them. Note that in pulumi/aws 1.8.0 there is a change to subnetgroup description so we are currently stuck on 1.7.0 due to this breaking change.
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Hi @best-waiter-16927 Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, changing a description of the subnet group isn’t actually supported by the aws cli or the sdk And this why Pulumi has this limitation Can you edit the description in the AWS console? If so then you can use Pulumi refresh to get that change
Also @best-waiter-16927 you can pass ignoreChanges to the CustomResourceOptions to say ignore changes to description Eg (writing on my phone) Const myGroup = new aws.rds.SubnetGroup(“my-group”,{},{ ignoreChanges: [“description”] })
And that will stop the ForceNew
@broad-dog-22463 Thanks for your quick reply! Indeed the ignoreChanges worked as expected 💪 Thank you! I would recommend adding a warning in pulumi-aws CHANGELOG on version 1.8.0 since there is a forced change to the default description which can cause this issue:
I’m glad that worked - I’ll add an entry to the changelog to use ignoreChanges - sorry that caught you :/
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Feel free to let me know if there are any other issues
Maybe we should back out the description change there
@stocky-spoon-28903 it was like 5 releases ago - maybe more :(
11 releases ago actually