12/29/2019, 2:36 AM
Is helm 3 fully supported? I’m experimenting with gloo and so I have a pulumi file like this:
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import * as k8s from '@pulumi/kubernetes'

new k8s.helm.v2.Chart('gloo', {
  chart: 'gloo/gloo',
Pulumi fails with:
Error: Command failed: helm fetch gloo/gloo --untar --destination /tmp/tmp-12397xMcptBYcaXX7
In gloo docs, it mentions this bug in version 2: However, I have helm v3 installed in my path: $ helm version version.BuildInfo{Version:“v3.0.2”, GitCommit:“19e47ee3283ae98139d98460de796c1be1e3975f”, GitTreeState:“clean”, GoVersion:“go1.13.5"} Looking through pulumi-kubernetes I was able to find: (Merged)