Well helm install is supported by the chart. I’ll ...
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Well helm install is supported by the chart. I’ll check if helm template works.
What is the full error you get? Or more specifically - in what way does
helm fetch gloo/gloo --untar --destination /tmp/tmp-12397xMcptBYcaXX7
fail? Note that that is just about fetching the chart - none of the actual Helm semantics should be involved? I suspect this is not related to Helm 2 vs. Helm 3 (curious if there was a specific reason you expected it was?)
repo gloo not found
Okay - have you not run these commands yet locally?
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helm repo add gloo <https://storage.googleapis.com/solo-public-helm>
helm repo update
No 🤦
Note that I believe it is possible to provide this directly to teh
constructor without needing to run the commands locally - but I can't off the top of my head recall the incantations.
Oh that is interesting. Right now I have a bootstrap.sh for the
helm repo add
things. No clue why I assumed this one wouldn’t need it.
you can pass the fully qualified chart URL to the constructor instead of the chart and repo name. Then you don't have to run Helm repo add before.
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