@ - it is possible that Pulumi forget to remove so...
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@ - it is possible that Pulumi forget to remove some resources ? I have tried https://www.pulumi.com/blog/kubernetes-ingress-with-aws-alb-ingress-controller-and-pulumi-crosswalk/ multiple times and removed resources using deletion of code. Today I found there are 2 ALB load-balancer. So, I think. It forget to remove some load-balancer . I assume, If I comment out the code and run pulumi up, it should remove all resources.
Hi @late-printer-99022! What I would do is
pulumi stack export
to a file or to STDOUT. Then, I would look for the specific URN of the resource you want to delete and issue
pulumi destroy -t <URN>
@better-actor-92669 but my question is , why there is a dangling resources create on the first place. I was going though the console so I got to know, that something not deleted.
I do not know. I am just a pulumi user as you are. I offered you a workaround to solve your issue, but it is impossible to investigate the root cause without looking at your code. I think that any Pulumi team member would ask you to share the code as well
Don’t rely on Pulumi for destroying things. We don’t. Deletion of resources are done manually via aws console. We rely on proper tagging and discovery for searching which resources to remove for ephemeral stacks.
If Pulumi doesn't remove something properly during a
that's a bug and we would greatly appreciate a bug report with steps to reproduce!
@late-printer-99022 in some cases it's the EKS control plane that is creating AWS resources, based on the
resource that is defined. So it might be that EKS left the ALB resources behind unfortunately.
That’s the issue of using outside stuff creating AWS resources. I wish we could set up the ALB ingress controller and configure it using Pulumi instead. It’s way more reliable.
@gentle-diamond-70147 - I have not run
command. I simply remove code and did
pulumi up
and later added modified code.