01/14/2020, 7:29 AM
hi, what is the proper way to remove old pulumi plugins? I run a
pulumi plugin rm --all
command, then a pulumi up in a repo, expected pulumi to install the necessary plugin, but get:
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➜  cert-manager (cert-manager) ✗ pulumi up
Previewing update (sbx):
[resource plugin aws-1.17.0] installing
Downloading plugin: 58.95 MiB / 58.95 MiB [========================] 100.00% 11s
Moving plugin... done.
error: could not load plugin for kubernetes provider 'urn:pulumi:sbx::k8s-cert-manager::pulumi:providers:kubernetes::k8s-provider': no resource plugin 'kubernetes' found in the workspace or on your $PATH
looks really strange, that it installed one plugin, but not the others. I assume there is a better way than manually install the correct plugin versions