<@UBAJ7TD53> Yeah, but it should be a different ap...
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@creamy-potato-29402 Yeah, but it should be a different approach than using the ALB ingress controller. Setting up ALB with pulumi and point it to a serice or an ingress.
I believe this is possible to do already. It's not the default thing that Kubernetes does (and we have no control over that), but it is possible.
If it is it would be nice with a tutorial, just to remain in Pulimi world. The way I understand it, you no longer got a resource on K8 that figures out which pods are in and out. That’s the selling point of the ALB installations, as it’s connecting directly to the pods. The alternative is connecting to K8 and letting K8 figure out which pods to go to, that’s an additional “latency” but the performance impact imho is worth it.