My Node.js micrservices POC is going great. finall...
# general
My Node.js micrservices POC is going great. finally after so much struggle, I have achieved following things. I am going to make a detailed blog once I am done with all task. 1. [done] create eks cluster 2. [done] create ECR , create services, deployments 3. [done] create Ingress for exposing services and get one ALB url per namespace. 4. [done] created A records for ALB load-balancers. 5. [TODO] instead of http, url must work with "https" 6. [TODO] create multiple urls on project/namespace basic Ex- etc. 7. [TODO] http to https redirect. 8. [TODO] logging, monitoring, alerts. 9. [TODO] access to developer logging, monitoring, alerts. if anyone can review my code, it will be great. also need suggestions what else can be added in tasks list.
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