I may be asking something obvious but... is it pos...
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I may be asking something obvious but... is it possible to use Pulumi to manage Pulumi resources ? (inception) I'd like to create a Project, link it to a Repository and create several Stacks as well... and of course tag everything according to my specifications Is that doable within a Pulumi Component ?
@bright-orange-69401 We’re doing the same thing basically, and I suspect so far (I could be wrong) that the answer is no. We got a build script that manages that. It sets everything as you wanted, creating the stacks and then runs pulumi. Initially, I would want the ability to create stacks and configs from INSIDE pulumi, but as far as I know that is not possible. It’s a shame, it’s so close though. It’s a missed opportunity and somewhat of design flaw. Stacks should be part of pulumi runtime, not created from outside. As in creating or using a stack should be part of the index.ts/runtime, not something from CLI. I shouldn’t need to have created the stack and use it before running pulumi, the opposite actually. It should be created/used as you run pulumi.
Heh... so not officially supported But then... what about Pulumi Dynamic Providers 😏 One could make a Dynamic Provider that wraps the CLI and does the CRUD via Resources !
I agree with you though Chris : it sounds a bit like a missed opportunity that you're have to fiddle with scripts & Dynamic Providers This should definitely be natively supported IMHO
Yeah I thought about that, well.. not the providers, but since pulumi is just a Node.js runtime, you could call CLI from there. But you need a stack before running it. Not sure you can switch stacks from within.
Not sure were talking about the same thing, but yeah I’ve written several times that the notion of stacks is a flawed design.
It’s a shame, pulumi is near perfect. We’re happy customers
Just that last piece that we tackle with a build script in the CI to set things up would be nice to get rid of it.
It will be perfect, eventually 😁 I believe in the Pulumi team !
Yeah me to, but ehm I wish was an investor so I could convince them to realign some focus, haha.
Get rid of the number of languages. Skip crosswalk implementation for kubernetes (it’s dangerous to abstract too much) and also skip all the languages and settle for just typescript.
Resources a finite, a focus would be better. Less code, less bugs, more focus.
The general idea here is what is tracked in https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2209 I believe. Please take a look and leave comments upvotes if so (or open a new suggestion if that does let look quite the same).
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