Hi. I'm attempting to create an Azure `ZipBlob` re...
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Hi. I'm attempting to create an Azure
resource, but without the blob that was previously created being deleted after every run of
pulumi up
. Each blob is uniquely named. I have discovered
, and from those options I've used
deleteBeforeReplace: false
, assuming this would stop to resource being deleted before it was replaced. However, this is not the case, and the blob previously created by the Pulumi resource is still deleted. How can I keep blobs previously created by the Pulumi resource?
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const zipBlob = new azure.storage.ZipBlob("storageBlob", {
	name: `MyApp.${version}.zip`,
    storageAccountName: storageAccount.name,
    storageContainerName: storageContainerForReleases.name,
    type: "block",
    content: new pulumi.asset.FileArchive("MyFileArchive"),
}, {
	deleteBeforeReplace: false
I have also tried to use the
, but this caused the
pulumi up
operation to fail because Pulumi still tries to delete the resource, but can't because of the protection.