What name would you give to the things that Pulumi...
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What name would you give to the things that Pulumi uses a provider to talk to? For example: • The Kubernetes provider lets you manage resources in Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a _____. • The GCP provider lets you manage resources in GCP. GCP is a _____. “Clouds” makes sense when talking about GCP, AWS, or Linode, but not when talking about Kubernetes – and definitely not tools like Kafka or MySQL, or the Random provider. Some of the docs (and especially the Terraform docs) talks about them as if they are the providers, but also talk about the client libraries as providers, so it’s easy to get them confused. Which term would you use to describe these things?
The only term I can think of is “targets”, but that’s super general/generic
“Services”, perhaps?
We use “Resource Provider” generally I think, though that also refers to the binary plugin itself
thanks! that pretty much sounds like what the docs do, and it makes sense. I’m just kind of struggling with writing something short that clearly communicates what Pulumi does, trying to establish a glossary of some sort 🙂
but I think I can get away with saying “Pulumi uses Providers to talk to services like GCP and Kubernetes”
fwiw kube is considered a cloud API. it's only when you get into the Domino's provider or the Tesla provider that you descend to non cloud resources
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