Hi, I’m looking to deploy the same set of resource...
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Hi, I’m looking to deploy the same set of resources in a number (say 25, but might grow to 100s) of AWS accounts. In CloudFormation I would use a StackSet for this, what is the best way to do this with Pulumi?
(assuming you’re pretty new to Pulumi) that sounds like a job for Stacks, which you have to use anyway: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/stack/, they each have their own config, so you could configure each stack to point to a different AWS account
@cold-author-10079 note that you can also do this in a single Pulumi stack - I believe you cannot do the equivalent in a single stack in CloudFormation which forces breaking them up. In Pulumi you can choose either path (single stack that manages all accounts, or separate stacks for each account that can version independently).
yes, so that’s actually the point – creating pulumi stacks for 100s of accounts, then have 100s of Pulumi.<stackname>.yaml files in a single repo doesn’t seem like that nice a solution to me. I’ll try out the single stack path and loop through the accounts. I’ll probably have to create a new provider in every loop since I need to assume a specific role in every account
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