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02/05/2020, 11:08 PM
Hey guys, I am trying to use the pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate to build the Rancher RKE terraform provider at I noticed most of the docs expect the provider to be in the terraform repo but after some tinkering I got pretty far to where all deps are loading and I am ready to run
. I am now running into an issue where make returns the error when it runs the TFGEN for each language.
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error: failed to gather package metadata: problem gathering resources: 1 error occurred:
	* go/build: importGo <|>: exit status 1
can't load package: package <|>: git ls-remote -q <>
The issue here is it thinks the repo should be in the terraform-providers github but it is not. I make sure that this url/string is not present anywhere in the boilerplate code I have locally. I am thinking something in the build process or pulumi tool is hardcoded to use that url. Is there a configuration I am missing to change this url?