Is there any way to create an RDS instance, make i...
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Is there any way to create an RDS instance, make it publicly accessible, create a database (with
, for example) and then remove public access from the instance? I would like to automate database creation in RDS with pulumi, but don't want to make my instances publicly available. Right now the only alternative I see is using lambda.
I basically want the setup described here, but without leaving the instance with
publiclyAccessible = true
Did you ever find a solution to this? I ran into a similar issue, but am unable to use a lambda in the same VPC because of the note in the bottom of this document:
Note that 
 will not include 
 packages with the Lambda. These packages exist solely to provide deployment time functionality, and do not contain any code that can work properly at run time. They are automatically stripped from a Lambda both to prevent accidental usage and to help reduce the size of the uploaded Lambda.
no, I just used the 'name' parameter to create an initial db
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