I'm running Pulumi (Typescript) on WSL...and every...
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I'm running Pulumi (Typescript) on WSL...and every time I change our code, I probably spend 75% of the time trying to get Pulumi to run successfully. To start...I kind of feel like a weirdo trying to do this on WSL anyway 🙂 ... but it's just very non-deterministic for me. For example, in the past day, I'll run it...and just get a non-zero exit code. Run again, and I get a bunch of
error: Error: spawnSync /bin/sh EINVAL
... blow away node_modules and package-lock.yaml...npm install...run again...everything works fine. Switch stacks...spawnSync errors. Back and forth. Sometimes reinstalling Pulumi fixes it for a bit, sometimes not. Regardlesss, it has 3 or 4 different ways of failing...and I haven't changed any code... I'm wondering if there's some level of verbosity that I can be running that provides useful info for feedback?
not to answer the question, just wanted to share that I run pulumi on WSL (first, not the second one yet) all the time and haven't seen any issues with it yet
yeah...i feel like it has to be me...but i don't know how best to figure out what's wrong... 🙂
FWIW I've had no issues with Pulumi on Powershell. There could be some incompatible paths formatting within dependacies, that's typically where I've struggled with WSL. Ultimately it was flakey enough that I made Ubuntu my daily driver; so far no regrets, but I know not everybody can do that. I'm looking at you Adobe and MS Office!
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