Hi, would anyone know some articles on how to orga...
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Hi, would anyone know some articles on how to organise infra and deployments into projects and stacks? specifically talking about a general purpose k8s kluster for our organisation that would need to host multiple deployments of application services. I’ve read (somewhere) a pulumi stack can pull in infrastructure managed in a different repository, which sound what I would need…
The only piece of documentation on that that I know of is this article: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/organizing-stacks-projects/ We kind of do what is described in that article: we have a base project which contains the following resources: • cluster • operators • controllers In the services that we want to deploy to that base cluster and which are separate repos and Pulumi projects we have a stack reference to the base project to get the Kubernetes provider of the cluster and from there we just deploy to that cluster as you normally would.
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This repo has been very helpful for me https://github.com/pulumi/kubernetes-guides