Hi, thanks for a quick addition of fargate option ...
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Hi, thanks for a quick addition of fargate option for EKS. I'm trying that out with code from the example and i'm getting errors around pod creation. Is it some issue with routing, or something to setup beforehand? Thanks!
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kubernetes:extensions:Deployment (kube-system/monitoring-influxdb):
    warning: extensions/v1beta1/Deployment is deprecated by apps/v1/Deployment and not supported by Kubernetes v1.16+ clusters.
    error: 2 errors occurred:
    	* resource kube-system/monitoring-influxdb was successfully created, but the Kubernetes API server reported that it failed to fully initialize or become live: 'monitoring-influxdb' timed out waiting to be Ready
    	* Minimum number of Pods to consider the application live was not attained
get pods --namespace kube-system
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NAME                   READY   STATUS
coredns                1/1     Running
coredns                1/1     Running
heapster               0/1     Pending
kubernetes-dashboard   0/1     Pending
monitoring-influxdb    0/1     Pending